10 Observations on DBZ: Battle of Gods

Thanks to my friend Schmitty, I finally watched the DBZ movie Battle of Gods. It was damn good. I felt that it had more of the lightheartedness from the original Dragonball. I loved Dragonball even more than DBZ, which sometimes took itself too seriously.

Here are some things I noticed: There will be spoilers

1) They all got married and had kids young, like, really young. I know that Goku married Chi Chi early, but all of a sudden, Gohan is married with an unborn baby.

2) They talk about Goku being virtuous, but how virtuous is someone whose main passion in life is to fight people?

3) I love that their humor comes from food. It makes me so hungry.

4) If Buu didn’t eat all the pudding, this movie would’ve been very different

5) Why is Bulma aging, but not Chi Chi? Is Goku’s sperm the fountain (hehehe) of youth?

6) Goten and Trunks are adorable

7) Something interesting came out about Goku. He was disappointed by getting the God power, because he had to rely on friends to reach that level. But he fights along his friends all the time. He’s so driven that he doesn’t even want help. Again, not virtuous.

8) Beerus is pretty cool.

9) I like that Goku actually lost, but he impressed Beerus enough that he spared the Earth. He won by losing.

10) Gohan’s unborn child was able to add his chi to the god circle. Apparently, Saiyin life begins at conception.

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