Song of Simon: Current Status

The bad news: A couple of weeks ago Caliburn Press, the current publisher of Song of Simon, went out of business. This left SoS up in the air and me struggling to get the publishing rights back. I did get them back when Caliburn took SoS off of Amazon.

The good news: I have the rights back and can now self-publish it. I’m tired of publishers that don’t care and I’m tired of unscrupulous agents.

The heckin frustrating news: I have to reformat it, re-edit it, and buy new cover art. This is all time and money, and I’m strapped for both. I also lost all of the reviews connected to it. I want to finish the 3rd Watchmage novel. I have short stories to write and bardic stuff for the SCA. I don’t know when I’ll have time to get SoS done again.

SoS Practice Ad 1

My question to you, good readers: Do I drop everything, but the current cover art, and republish SoS right away, or do I do a full re-edit and then buy new cover art before I publish it? It needs a re-edit. I’m a much better writer now than I was 6 years ago, when SoS came out. People seem to love the book, but I know that it can be better.

Maybe this is my chance to write the other 2 books in the planned trilogy.  Maybe it’s meant to be. I love writing Watchmage, but I’ve been working on those books for 6 years now. I need a change.

Change is good, right?..Right?

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