Cats of D&D

There’s a phenomenon going around that I can’t get enough of. It’s called “Cats of D&D” and it’s…well…you can figure it out. Kittehs, D&D references, and pretty much everything I could hope for. Here are some of my favorites:

gif dnd cat paladin

This is so fake. No cat is Lawful Good

gif dnd cat surprise backstabz

Now this is more like it. Cats probably get sick sneak attack bonuses.

dnd cat magic missile

A classic. I think that cats should get a casting penalty for lack of fingers.

gif cat rogue cleric

Obviously a priestess of Bast (my D&D campaign uses the Egyptian Pantheon)

gif dnd epic level cat

This one summarizes why I hate playing epic campaigns.

dnd cat cheeseburger

I could really go for a +3 cheeseburger. Do they sell them at Five Guys? Oddly enough, my local Five Guys is next to the gaming store. Coincidence or good marketing?

Kittehs continued after Shameless Promotion…

***Warning: Shameless Promotion***

The Watchmage Is Coming

The Watchmage of Old New York (The Watchmage Chronicles Book 1)  That’s right, the long-awaited reboot of my award-winning serial, The Watchmage of Old New York, is here! Click on the graphic above or here for the Amazon buy site, or buy on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Kobo.  Don’t miss out on this, old fans and new will love what I’ve done with the story.

***End Shameless Promotion***

gif dnd initiative cats

This cat has the magic item Paws of Swiftness.

dnd cat vacuum

A cat character’s weakness.

gif dnd traps cats

You know this has happened in your campaign at least once. There’s always one Chaotic Stupid character.

I could go on with this all day, but I have to get back to actual writing…

kitten in armor

Last one, because it’s so damn adorable. 18 Charisma. 

Have a great day! Love you all.

cosmic-cat tripping balls redux



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