Cats of D&D

There’s a phenomenon going around that I can’t get enough of. It’s called “Cats of D&D” and it’s…well…you can figure it out. Kittehs, D&D references, and pretty much everything I could hope for. Here are some of my favorites:

gif dnd cat paladin

This is so fake. No cat is Lawful Good

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Just Playing Around

I swear that I’m going to write a real blog post or article today, but I’m waiting for my coffee to brew and can’t think yet.

coffee gollum

I must overcome this with silliness:

bear in big blue dancing

No…that’s not working. How about this:

excited space cat

Although I love that meme so much that I made it into a tag card, it’s still not waking me up. Let’s try again:

gif dog running explosion

There were go. If there was ever a gif that described my life, it would be that one. Thank you for your sacrifice, Poofy Dog.

cosmic-cat tripping balls redux