Uneasy Riser

I don’t need a rooster to wake me in the morning. My cock is the sun (hehehehe)

Everyday I wake up the moment the sun comes over the mountains (did you know that the suburbs of NYC are all mountains?) like a troop of boyscouts singing a hiking song (why do they do that? Do trees like music?). In the winter it’s not so bad, but for the past two months, I’ve been waking up at 5, even 4:30. Today I was up at 5:15. My brain is boiled like an authentic bagel (no steaming!!!!)

Heck this heckin nonsense. It’s doing me a significant frustrate.

doggo do a hold

On the bright side (no word play intended) I start work early. On the dark side (I love that song), I’m exhausted and unmotivated all day. Only the lure of catching Pokemon gets me outside.

BTW: I just hit Level 31 in Pokemon Go. That makes me super cool.

I am supposed to be promoting The Watchmage of Old New York. No motivation. I’m supposed to be writing a list of questions for my editor. No motivation. My motivosity is on the fritz.

This is why I can’t write nice things.

Heck. Need coffee.

coffee surprised

doge in space card redux


Just Playing Around

I swear that I’m going to write a real blog post or article today, but I’m waiting for my coffee to brew and can’t think yet.

coffee gollum

I must overcome this with silliness:

bear in big blue dancing

No…that’s not working. How about this:

excited space cat

Although I love that meme so much that I made it into a tag card, it’s still not waking me up. Let’s try again:

gif dog running explosion

There were go. If there was ever a gif that described my life, it would be that one. Thank you for your sacrifice, Poofy Dog.

cosmic-cat tripping balls redux