Life in the Coronaverse: Day 29

I’m in a good deal of physical pain today (I post these the morning after) as my back went out. Can’t exactly go to the doctor.  Did I mention that my appointment with my Pulmonologist last week was over the phone? Honestly,  I’m just glad he’s still alive.


20200413_063350cosmic-cat tripping balls redux

Life in the Coronaverse: Day 26

Mass graves are being filled with the unclaimed or poverty stricken dead in New York. That’s where we are now. Hart Island (off the Bronx coast) has been used this way for a long time, but never on this level.

The virus is tearing through group homes for folk with special needs, the ones I work with.  Both the residents and the staff are in the ICU or dead. They’re now very short staffed. So if you’re unemployed and not worried about the virus, there are options for you.