Life in the Coronaverse: Days 55 – 57

I’ve been falling way behind in my posts. I’ve been falling way behind in everything. I’m falling behind.






Life in the Coronaverse: Day 21

I noticed that these posts are sounding more hopeless.  Unfortunately, that’s what it feels like in New York (and New Jersey) now. We realized that help is not coming from the federal government, at least not the Republicans,  who shoot down every plea.  They have no misgivings about letting us die. I would wish them all to suffer, but I can’t.  No one should die alone, slowly drowning, not even with a chance to get on a ventilator, because there are none left. Even those that kill us with apathy should die in such a horrid way.

I’d rather history marks them for the monsters they are.

This entry has a lot about Jewishness in it, as I had to deal with hate speech on my Facebook page yesterday. Sadly, it was from another Jew.


doge in space card redux

Life in the Coronaverse: Day 13

Hoo Boy. Things are getting intense here in New York.  It’s hard to keep 6 feet away in a place where you live in tiny apartments.  I don’t think people realize how small they are. New Yorkers are used to having the city outside as part of their home. There’s a LOT of park and playground space because people don’t have yards. But now people aren’t just exercising in the park, they’re congregating just to have some human presence.

20200328_06024220200328_060158cosmic-cat tripping balls redux

The Get Down and Me

Netflix continues to make better shows than anything on the networks or cable. They’re killing it with the Marvel series, the Voltron reboot was excellent, and Stranger Things is just straight up amazing. They continue this winning streak with Baz Lurhmann’s new project, The Get Down.

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