Gay Action Figure Theater (NSFW)

As I’ve mentioned here before (I think), Valerie used to collect action figures.  Sometimes she would pose them in naughty positions, but hey, who didn’t?  I inherited her action figures, and as a tribute to her, they are all making sweet sweet love down by the metaphorical fire.

She also made this incredible youtube series using her action figures called “Gay Action Figure Theater.”  It’s stars Buffy, Rogue, My Chemical Romance, Pete Wentz, Batman, and Oscar Wilde, among others.  Not only is it brilliantly witty and charming, it does a pretty good job of capturing who Valerie was (especially the rant at the end of part 2).

I love this so much and I wanted to share it with you.  Feel free to share it with the ones you love too.  And hug them, don’t forget to hug them.



Looking for something to do?

Are you snowed in like me? Tired of watching all of these damn snowflakes fall sideways onto the ground?  Crying of boredom into your steaming mug of hot cocoa (with tiny marshmallows, of course)?

Don’t be jealous, I’m actually drinking tea…stupid diet

I’ve got a great idea…

Why don’t you catch up on The Watchmage of Old New York, my fantastic serial from Jukepopserials.comWatchmage… is currently an Editor’s Pick, so you know that it’s much, much better than most online drivel.  Of course, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’m a damn good writer, and should not be surprised.

Registration is required for more than the first “chapter.”  Lucklily, I jammed two chapter’s worth into the first one, so you can read a good 4000 words before having to register, not that it’s hard.  That’s like Two Chapters for the Work of One!!

But the best thing that you can do is to VOTE for Watchmage at the bottom of the page.  VOTING not only lets the editors know that people like my work (helping me to sell work in the future) but it entitles me to earn cash bonuses if i pass certain milestones.

It’s also a very good story, a Cross-Genre Fantasy that mixes historical, magical, noir, and mystery elements into one great big pile of Awesomeness.  Think Buffy meets The Dresden Files meets Ugly Americans meets American Gods meets Gangs of New York.

Where else will you find a Fire Elemental on one page, and a Lower East Side rabbi that quotes Emerson on another?  And I haven’t even mentioned the faerie mafia…yet.

So Read!  Vote!  Share with your Friends!  Tell your Friends to Read!  Vote!  Share with their Friends!  So that their friends can Read!  Vote!  Share with their Friends…