NYC Pride Parade

On Sunday I went to the Pride parade in NYC, what has become a yearly tradition for me. It runs right down 5th avenue, so you can imagine what it does to traffic. Then again, that’s what parades do.

I went with a bunch of friends, and we always set up in the same spot, right in front of Madison Square Park (no, it’s not by the stadium. Madison Square Garden used to be by the park, but they moved a few times. It’s now above Penn Station). We got there early so that we could be in the front row. As usual, it’s worth it.

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NYC Gay Pride Parade is Tomorrow!

I’m so excited! I’m going to the Gay Pride Parade for the first time tomorrow. It’s gonna be FABuloussssssss!!!

I can’t help but think how much Val would’ve loved this (though I bet she used to go all the time back in the day). I would’ve loved to make this a tradition for us. Sigh. I’ll be sure to catch some beads for her.

Next time I go to the city, I need to hit up the Big Gay Ice Cream store/truck.