Re: Michael Vick and the Jets

My love for the Jets is unconditional, even when they pick up a guy like Michael Vick.  I do not like Michael Vick (Ron Mexico), but I also believe in second chances.  His conviction came 7 years ago, and he served 3 years in jail.  He paid his debt.  There’s no need to continue to punish him.  He’s shown some impressive personal growth since his return, the best example being the Riley Cooper incident from last year. I don’t have a problem with him playing for my team.  If a person cannot receive redemption, then society has failed.

From a football perspective, it’s a great move.  There’s no other quarterback out there that would be a better mentor to Geno Smith.  Vick is the archetype that the Jets want Geno to be.  Here’s hoping he can get him there.