March Madness Has Stolen My Soul…and My Diet

I have been planted in my easy chair since Thursday morning, watching every freaking game in the NCAA Tournament till I pass out at midnight. I have eaten wings, pizza, chips, salad, pretzel hot dogs, jalapeno poppers, and my infamous “Devil Dip.” I have lost 130 pounds since 2013. I may have gained it all back.

I don’t usually post about sports, but I do like them, and I love March Madness. This year, I’ve had less invested in it (No Syracuse), but I have a pretty good bracket, and the games have almost all come down to the wire.

I don’t remember the last time New York had four teams in the tournament, including TWO SUNY SCHOOLS! Of course, two days in and they’re all eliminated. I picked all four teams in my bracket, including SUNY Albany to reach the Sweet Sixteen. Yes, it was a dumb move, but I have a sweet spot for SUNY. Anyway, I’ve only lost 3 Sweet Sixteen teams, so I’m still in the hunt.

March Madness isn’t just a feat of endurance for the players, it is for spectators too. Challenge yourself to sit around for 12 hours a day/ 4 days, eating crappy food and watching the game (although exciting) game. It’s like a marathon for lazy ass fans.

I am lazy. I am a fan. I have an ass…and it’s getting larger as I write.