Doctor Who & True Blood : Late to the Game and Leaving It

The big buzz in geekland this weekend was a new Doctor Who and the last True Blood. I have different experiences with both shows, and they prove how much I suck.

Yes, I suck. I freely admit it. I’m terrible with shows. I don’t binge watch, I don’t use DVR. I’m just bad at keeping up with shows.

Let’s start with Doctor Who: Late to the game

I’ve been meaning to get into Doctor Who for years. YEARS!!! Yet I never have until last week. I don’t get BBC America, so I never had access, and when I got Netflix…I don’t know, I just never got around to it. There’s so much great tv out there, and tackling such a long running show intimidated the balls off of me.

I don’t allow myself much tv during the day outside of info noise like ESPN or CNN. I write slowly, so it might take me 6-8 hours to just write 1000 words. I run errands, I go for walks or to the gym, etc. So again, devoting that much time to a tv show just didn’t seem like a good idea for me. Even though someone once told me that Watchmage had a Doctor Who feel, I still didn’t check it out.

But I finally started watching, and dammit, it’s a pretty good show. I started with the 9th Doctor, and I needed subtitles to understand him. Rose has big teeth and she’s mean to poor Mickie. But the show is light hearted, witty, and deep when it needs to be.

I just finished Season 1. I’m late to the game, but at least I’m playing.

But they were all bad

Leaving True Blood

I used to love True Blood. I watched it with religious fervor (often with a hand down my…never mind). The first three seasons were fantastic. It was fun, sexy, witty, unique. Plus Boobs, I mean BOOBS!! I feel like I can draw Anna Paquin’s boobs from memory now (yes, I paraphrased from State and Main) and that’s not a bad thing.

derp blerd

After the 3rd season, the show went downhill fast. They introduced the weird fairy stuff, werepanthers and witches. It got all over the place. They brought in a huge star in Christopher Meloni, and then…I won’t say what happened, but he’s not on the show anymore.

I started missing episodes, and then I just stopped altogether. It wasn’t worth the effort anymore.

You know a show’s bad when staring at a screen is too much effort.

Someday I might catch up, but I’d like to finish Doctor Who first. All 50 years.

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Re: Charlaine Harris

I want to comment on a situation that recently happened to Charlaine Harris. Some of you might know her as the author of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, also known as the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries, of which the HBO series True Blood is loosely based on.

The last novel in the series, Dead Ever After is slated to come out next week. However, some douchebag not only pirated an early copy and put it on the web, he spoiled the ending, revealing who Sookie ends up with in her love triangle (quadrangle, dodecangle, etc).

Since then, there has been a shitblizzard of insults, curses, and death threats aimed at Harris. Her Facebook fan page
is so riddled with filth that after reading it, I had to go for an AIDS test.

The general complaint among the butthurt is that they DESERVED a certain ending. They DEMANDED it and she didn’t deliver.

I’m not sure what bothers me more: the piracy, which has destroyed the publishing industry and made writing a 20K a year business, or the butthurt fans demanded the ending that they want. Let me make it easy on you. FUCK YOU! Writers are not your bitches! They don’t owe you shit!

The story belongs to the writer and only the writer. They are the driver, and the reader is either along for the ride, or gets out of the car. A writer does not write because he wants money, or because he wants to please you. A writer writes because he has a voice inside of him that needs to be heard. The voice is the only one that a writer has to listen to, not editors and not fans. Once you stop listening to that voice, you have sold out, there is no reason to continue writing.

To those that didn’t like the ending, write some fanfiction and end it the way that you want. Don’t blame the writer for following her voice.