Daniel Wyatt?

(warning: this is a wrestling post.)
I am crazy for Daniel Bryan. I think that he’s the best thing that the WWE has today. But I am on the fence about having him join the Wyatt Family Clearly, the Wyatts have a lot of heat, and traditionally a stable has four members. Bryan fits, the reluctant member of a creepy cult, turned by the charm of the puppet master. The Wyatts needed a technical wrestler (he’s actually a speed/tech, to use vernacular from http://www.thewrestlinggame.com) to balance out their brawlers. Harper, Rowan, and Bray are all talented wrestlers, and adding Bryan puts them over the top in ability.

Yes! No! Maybe!

Bryan has also proven that he can act as well as wrestle (Team Hell No). If played right, we can see some real character development and compelling tv. Creative did something similar with Big Show, and it worked very well. They could go with the “in order to break the glass ceiling that’s keeping me down, I have to destroy everything. HHH wants ruthless aggression, I’ll make him tap out on those words.”

Speaking of tapping out, Bryan is a legit submission wrestler, having trained with Randy Couture’s stable. I’d like to see him bust out some of his particularly nasty holds, like Cattle Mutilation or the Muta Lock. They work in tag team wrestling, because there’s always someone there to break the hold. Seeing Bryan make someone scream would be very satisfying.

Regardless, the last Raw of the year, where Bryan turned after 40 minutes to 5 star wrestling,
was the best show of the year. Let’s see where they go from here.