Life in the Coronaverse: Day 15

Trump is accusing New York doctors and nurses of hoarding masks, gloves, and scrubs. Let’s do some math:  A nurse in each wing deals with 20 patients in a wing. They put on a new mask and gloves each time. That’s 20/hr. X 12 hr shift = 240 a shift per nurse. Say there are 5 nurses on duty per wing. 1200 masks and gloves per wing.  The hospital I used to work at had 12 wings, including ICU (it was a very small hospital) . 14,400 masks and gloves per 12 hours, or 28,800 a day.  And that’s just for the nurses, not doctors or surgeons or support staff or maintenance or materials management or radiologists, etc.

There are dozens of hospitals in NYC.

Not understanding basic math hurts


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