Promises Promises…Inside Out

Ok, I swear that I’m going to start adding more source material on NYC History today. I already have something on 19th century slang written (my own notes for Watchmage). I just have to rearrange it for consumption. Right now it’s in a form that only I can understand.


I should organize my files better. One day I’m going to be dead, and people are going to need to find my important files…

Inner Critic: Wow, Craig, that’s freaking morbid.
Neuroses: Yeah, people are gonna think you’re all emo and shit. A 38 year old emo. Good job.
Muse: “Whateva, whateva, I do what I want.”
Brain: Will someone make another pot of coffee…PLEASE?

Anyway, I have to do some more editing, but hopefully I’ll get it up soon…

Id: Hehehehe, you said “get it up.”
Sex Drive: You rang?
Neuroses: You’re ruining your blog with dick jokes!
Id: “Moar dick jokes, moar gooder.”
Neuroses: Now you’re just making obscure references.
Id: “I resemble that remark…”
Neuroses: SEE!!!
Brain: If you get me some damn coffee, I’ll be more original!!!
Stomach: *growls*
Brain: “Quiet, you!”
Id: “Fatality…Neuroses, wins.”
Brain: *sigh*

Now you’ve seen what goes on in my head. Take that, Disney!

Neuroses: You haven’t even seen the movie, and you’re doing a parody.
Brain: It’s ok, I used to watch Herman’s Head.

To be fair, I heard that Inside Out is very good.

This post really went off the rails.

Brain: This wouldn’t happen if YOU GOT ME SOME GODDAMMED COFFEE!!!


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