My Twitter Acct Was Hijacked (by me)

I tweet…a lot. I tweet to promote my books. I tweet to promote other people’s books. I belong to a group called Rave Reviews Book Club, where we retweet each others novels and blogs, etc. It’s a pretty cool group, and though it has a small membership fee, the increase in book sales is worth it.

But I’m not here to promote Rave Reviews. I’m here to talk about the evolution of my Twitter account.

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I’m Back, Baby!!!

Thanks to my good friend Sean, I’m back in business. He lent me his spare laptop so I could write again. Of course, the first thing I did was putz around on Facebook. Procrastination never loses it’s appeal.

Hopefully I’ll motivate myself to start blogging again. There’s so much I want to talk about, from artificial gender roles as a form of Anima/Animus, to Search Engines as unintentional social control, to how great The Muppets are (UnveilTheTail). Oh yeah, I want to add more to the Watchmage Wiki as well (without alliteration), and I’m sure that at some point you’ll hear me geeking out about Deadpool and Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

All of this fun to come. I think it deserves a happy dance.

gif star trek dancing

That’s all for now. I have some editing to do. I’m way behind on the next Watchmage novel.

Much Love,



cosmic-cat tripping balls redux