My Twitter Acct Was Hijacked (by me)

I tweet…a lot. I tweet to promote my books. I tweet to promote other people’s books. I belong to a group called Rave Reviews Book Club, where we retweet each others novels and blogs, etc. It’s a pretty cool group, and though it has a small membership fee, the increase in book sales is worth it.

But I’m not here to promote Rave Reviews. I’m here to talk about the evolution of my Twitter account.

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Learning WordPress, the hard way

As I mentioned before, I’m trying to upgrade and add more content to my site. It’s great to blog about geeky stuff and such, but I want to add additional resources for my books. They’re great big worlds that overflow the books.

I want to create wiki-like pages for Song of Simon and for Watchmage, something where readers can click on a table of contents and it’ll bring them to the right topic. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do tabs. If I can’t figure it out, I suppose I can do each article as a blog post, and then link to the page. It won’t be as elegant, but I’m not an elegant guy

I’m also designing some SoS and Watchmage ads for Twitter. I have absolutely no skill with this. I feel like a teenage boy fumbling to get off a bra…I still have trouble with that, but that’s another story.

Damn you bras!!!!

I’m trying to make something like this (below) but better. I’m really impressed at the skill some of these people have with their ads. Maybe with practice I won’t look like a tool too.

SoS Practice Ad 1

I don’t know why it came out so small. Canva said that it would be bigger…phrasing

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