Jim Ross to make MMA Announcing Debut


This is fantastic news and might get me watching MMA again. Jim Ross–Good ole JR–the greatest commentator the WWE ever had, is going to be announcing at the Battlegrounds PPV on October 3rd. Even better, his co-commentator is Chael Sonnen.

Can you imagine what these two are gonna spout to each other. It’ll be gold, Jerry. Gold! I hope we get some of this:

I miss JR. Could you imagine him covering WrestleMania XXX, where Brrrrrrrrrock Lesnar beat The Undertaker? How about Daniel Bryan getting screwed repeatedly by HHH and Steph? If only. JBL is a great commentator (in his own way), but he’s no JR.

JR left the WWE last year, after the infamous WWE2K14 incident. You’ve heard about this, right? Ross and Ric Flair (Woo!) were at the event. Flair was drunk as a drunken skunk, and JR let Flair go on the mic, even after Flair’s promo shit the proverbial bed. It was a catastrafuck, and JR got the axe.

Jack Daniels is finger lickin’ good

Incidentally, Flair still does WWE events, and he’s still drunk.

From MMA News:

Ross and Sonnen will handle the play-by-play duties for the event, which features Ryan Couture (8-3), son of UFC legend Randy Couture, challenging Jonny “King of Late Night” Carson (11-6) in the main event.

Also scheduled for the event is an exciting eight-man tournament in the Welterweight division, one that is filled with former UFC and Strikeforce veterans. The tourney consists of Dennis Hallman (53-15-2), Brock Larson (37-8), Roan Carneiro (17-9), Luigi Fioravanti (24-11), Cody McKenzie (15-4), David Mitchell (14-4), Trey Houston (10-2) and Chris Honeycutt (4-0).

I’m not in it for the fights. I’m in it to hear Jim Ross on the mic again. There should be a drinking game involved for all of his catchphrases. Hmmm…I’ll get to work on that

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RVD Leaves WWE: Song Parody

Multiple sources are reporting that RVD’s match on Smackdown this week will be his last of the year. RVD only wrestles a few months out of the year, so this is no surprise. He’s basically there to enhance (i.e. job to) up-and-comers like Cesaro, like a level boss of sorts.

I love RVD, and I try to remember him as he was in ECW, when he was the whole fuckin’ show. He was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Even though he’s forty, He’s still got moves, but he’s not as good as he used to be. A hundred matches with Sabu will do that.

I won’t forget that botch 2 months ago where he got tangled in the side apron. It filled me with sad…and sadness.

Colorado and Washington…not that I keep track of these things…drugs are bad, m’kay

Note: I don’t know if RVD still smokes pot or not. He was suspended for pot in 2006. Considering WWE’s wellness policy, he probably doesn’t (while under contract)

So here’s a song I wrote for RVD’s farewell. Enjoy (it’s awful). And check out this Youtube video. It’s proof that RVD caused one of the most famous botches in WWE history.

Goodbye RVD (to the tune of Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”)

Goodbye RVD
Though I never knew you at all
you have the grace to five star splash
while those around you jobbed.
You did a lot of yoga
THC into your brain
They made you do homoerotic groin splits
and gave initials as your name.

And it seems to me, you lived your life
Like Humpty Dumpty on a Schwinn
Never knowing who to job to,
When the weed kicked in.
And I’m glad I got to watch you,
When you were just a kid,
Your ankle shattered long ago
Your legend never did.

Loneliness was tough
driving from town to town
Whether you played hardcore,
or new age stoner clown.
Even when you jobbed,
The websites hounded you
All the sites they had to say,
That RVD
Was leaving SmackDown soon.


Goodbye RVD
From the mark in the 22nd row
Who saw you as the fuckin’ man
Not just the whole fuckin’ show.


Doesn’t that bring a tear to your eye?

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Predictions for SummerSlam 2014

Is it time for SummerSlam already? It feels like just yesterday, Daniel Bryan launched a Busaiku Knee Kick into John Cena’s face for the title. The subsequent screwjob led to one of the best written storylines in the Reality Era: The Yes Movement.

The Yes Movement was brilliant because it encouraged the Internet Wrestling Community to come together and “force” The Authority to give Bryan a shot. As if HHH wasn’t head over boots for Bryan in the first place. The IWC didn’t have any true impact (If HHH didn’t think Bryan would be a great champ, he would’ve buried him), but for a while, it felt like we did.

Can we get a One Man Rock Band movement for Heath Slater? Come on, IWC, make it happen!

With apologies to Al Snow, Barry Horowitz, and The Brooklyn Brawler

Anyway, here are my predictions for tonight’s SummerSlam:

RVD vs Cesaro: Cesaro has to win. They made him job all month. If he loses, he’s buried.

Brie vs Steph: I think this’ll be a better match than people expect. Steph is in very good shape these days, and Brie is an excellent performer, probably the second best on the roster behind AJ.

Bray vs Jericho: This is another do or die moment. Creative already squashed Bray’s momentum. If he loses, consider him buried. He has to not only win, but he has to do something horrid and disturbing to get his heat back.

Swagger vs Rusev: Swagger does not deserve to win.

AJ vs Paige: I expect a very good match from these two, with Paige hitting the Paige Turner (instead of the PTO) to keep the rivalry hot. They could conceivably feud till Survivor Series and I’d be happy.

The Miz vs Ziggler: I think this is the beginning of a good 3 month feud. Ziggler is a great worker, and he deserves the belt. Also, he used to bang Amy Schumer, which is pretty cool.

Orton vs Reigns: I think Orton will win with outside interference. I don’t feel like this feud is ready to end just yet, but a lot of that depends on whether Reigns can work for a full length singles match. I don’t think he’s done a 20 minute match yet.

Ambrose vs Rollins This will be the Match of the Night, and no matter the victor (I can’t decide) we all win. I think it’ll be one of those matches that elevates both wrestlers to the top, one that we’ll be talking about for years. At least I hope so.

Cena vs Lesnar: Cena is going to win by dq, but end up a broken and bloody mess. This is why: They can’t put the belt on Lesnar, because he only wrestles four times a year. Cena can’t beat Lesnar clean, because then Lesnar loses all his “Conquering the Streak” heat. The only logical way for this storyline to end is a huge, bloody beat down. It’ll satisfy the Cena-haters and it’ll keep the belt on Cena for the kids.

Wrestlemaina XXX: The Worst Wrestlemania or The Best?

I’m still stunned by what happened last night.  The matches are still going through my mind, and I’m wondering “How? What the holy hand grenade fuck?”

If you haven’t heard by now, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker, after a slow paced match that was really painful to watch.  Now reports are coming in that Taker had his bell rung early in the match, and had to be taken to the hospital afterwards with a head injury.  That explains why he didn’t use several of his aerial moves, such as the tightrope walk and the suicide dive.  In hindsight, he looked dazed through most of the match, and afterwards as well.  Did a Brock botch end the greatest streak in sports entertainment?

If this was planned (and I think it was) they messed up in a big way.  I’m not against ending the streak.  Ending the streak would be one of the most epic moments in wrestling.  What I’m angry about is that he jobbed to Lesnar.  Brock Lesnar is a part-time wrestler.  He doesn’t deserve the honor of ending the streak.  Any full-timer would’ve been a better choice.  Heath fucking Slater would’ve been a better choice (I do love me some Heath Slater).

On the other hand, the WWE just made Lesnar the most feared opponent in the ring.  He’s the new legend killer.  He’s the monster at the end of this book (sorry Grover).  He’s Galactus.  He’s Darkseid. He’s Apocalypse. Now, whenever they need someone to face the metaphorical dragon, they bring in Brock.

What they did was sacrifice this WrestleMania (which I don’t think they meant to do) for future storytelling.  In that way, it was a great move.  This was the first time in a long time that I was truly shocked by an outcome.  Now nothing is sacred, anything can happen.  Holy fuck, the WWE just beheaded Ned Stark!

What they did wrong had to do with the timing.  They set the match after a terrible bout between Cena and Bray Wyatt, that sucked the energy out of the crowd (man, did it suck).  The Taker/Brock match was also very slow, perhaps due to the now-revealed head injury.  They must’ve known how the crowd would react.  The crowd never regained interest, now even for a very good main event between Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and Boo-tista. If they had made the match earlier in the show, perhaps before the battle royal, the crowd would’ve recovered by the main event.

Let’s talk about that main event for a minute.  First of all, Bryan gets the match of the night for throwing down with HHH.  Trips still got it, he even busted out a Tiger Suplex!  I’ve never seen him use that move before.  He also took 3 German suplexes in a row, a notoriously hard move to take.  Even though I knew Bryan would win, I still marked out.

I was still in mourning for The Streak when the main event came on.  Slowly, I got back into it, if only for the quality of the match.  Of course, we had a Trips and Steph run in, but they handled it pretty well.  Steph even took a bump from a suicide dive.

Orton tapped out.  Good to see Bryan go over clean.

Bryan’s victory was the culmination of a long, well done, story arc. They “buried” him so hard, that fans actually took to the internet to demand his victory.  The writers made it look like the fans “won,” even though I’m sure that this was the intended ending anyway.  It was a swerve inside a swerve, giving a push but making it look like a burial, giving the fans false power and then “bending to their wishes.”  They knew what was best for business all along, and it was Daniel Bryan.

But it was too close to the Taker/Lesnar match.  They blew the timing, and therefore blew the whole show.

So was this the worst WrestleMania?  No, but it was the biggest disappointment.  There was so much potential there, and they just booked it wrong.  It just goes to show that in a live show, anything can happen, and it’s not always good.

RAW on Monday

I wanted to post about this yesterday, but I posted about Val’s anthology instead.

Damn, that was a good RAW this week!  They really cranked it up, not a surprise since they were in Chicago, Ground Zero for the CM Punk chants.  There was only one way to keep those chants down, and that’s by blowing them away with a great show.

Let’s start with Paul Heyman’s promo.  I go back a long way with Paul, as I was a big ECW fan back in the 90s.  He is just about the best promo guy the WWE has right now, and he tore the crowd apart.  First, he teases a Punk return, and pulls the rug out from under the crowd.  Then he turns it back on the audience, seamlessly moving into a promo from Brock/Taker.  Just like that, he infuriates the crowd, gives Punk heel heat, and sets up motivation for the WM battle.  Not that I needed any.  Taker/Brock is sure to be a great match.  They can both go all out, since they only wrestle once a year.

They actually let Brock talk.  More surprising, he was good.  When he shouted his name the way Heyman does, it was a bit intimidating.  F5ing a 400 pound man into a table is always intimidating too.  Poor Mark Henry, back to jobbing.

Bam!  Right into The Usos/NAO.  I’ve been waiting a long time for the Usos to get the belt, and I wasn’t disappointed.  great match, satisfying victory.

The Big E/ Real Americans stuff I could do without.  It was only in there to show character development between Swags and Cesaro.  The Giant Swing was cool though.

If The Shield and Wyatts keep putting on 5 star matches in the middle of the show, the second half is going to be a let down.  I can’t get enough of these guys.  Tonight was Seth Rollins’ turn to show off.  He doesn’t get much spotlight behind Reigns and Ambrose, but man, what an agile dude.  Suicide dives over the top rope. That’s some crazy luchador stuff right there.  I also like that he walked out on his team.  It made perfect sense to me (“you sort it out”).  If they are gonna leave him high and dry (as they did) so can he.  They deserved the constant “this is awesome” chant.

And how good has Roman Reigns gotten in the past year?  He went from being an athletic big guy with little ring skill to a breakout star.  His in ring ability rivals his partners at this point, not to mention that he has a look that’ll get you pregnant faster than an Old Spice commercial.

Ah Emma, Emma, Emma.  I love you so much.  Not only were you trained by Lance Storm, but your finisher is The Muta Lock, one of my all time favs.  When Diva wrestling is good, it’s really good.  Of course, when it’s bad, it’s time for a bathroom break.

Speaking of bathroom breaks, Seamus/Christian was bad enough to get a “this is awful” chant.  It was, it really was.  Somewhere, the Captain lost his Charisma.

I can’t even comment of the Bellas/Aksana & Fox.  Disappointing.  I expect more from the Bellas.

The Bryan promo was excellent, though I could’ve done without the misogyny involved in the “why don’t you put on your wife’s skirt” line.  It’s a minor offense in the promo, but come on man.

I loved that they bookened the last hour with Bryan.  If you don’t want Punk chants, get them to scream YES!

Ziggles and Del Rio didn’t do much for me.  Del Rio is the modern day Steve Blackman: A talented wrestler with MMA history, with no charisma at all.  Ziggles is going to be big, but not for a few years.  Aaron Paul was unnecessary, and kind of a distraction.  I lament that he went from a great show like Breaking Bad to this cheesy Need For Speed crap.

Paul Bearer in the Hall of Fame makes me happy.  Dare we see emotion from Taker during the induction?  Probably not, but I bet Kane and Foley will cry.

Rusev reminds me of Taz or Rhyno.  Those are good things to be.

Even Daniel Bryan couldn’t save his match with Batista.  Lord knows he tried, but Batista is so bad, so very bad.  It was still decent, but not on the level I expect from D-Bry.

Stephanie did kinda save it with the YES chant at the end.  She is so good at being a corporate asshole.

All in all, it was a very entertaining RAW.  I would’ve liked to see the Rhodes in there somewhere, but nothing’s perfect.

As an aside, they have to change the main event for WM.  No one wants to see two heels fight for the championship, especially when one has limited ring skills, and they both have mediocre promo skills. I’d fix it next week by having Mr. McMahon come out and put Bryan in as a triple threat.  The crowd needs somebody to cheer for.


Daniel Wyatt?

(warning: this is a wrestling post.)
I am crazy for Daniel Bryan. I think that he’s the best thing that the WWE has today. But I am on the fence about having him join the Wyatt Family Clearly, the Wyatts have a lot of heat, and traditionally a stable has four members. Bryan fits, the reluctant member of a creepy cult, turned by the charm of the puppet master. The Wyatts needed a technical wrestler (he’s actually a speed/tech, to use vernacular from http://www.thewrestlinggame.com) to balance out their brawlers. Harper, Rowan, and Bray are all talented wrestlers, and adding Bryan puts them over the top in ability.

Yes! No! Maybe!

Bryan has also proven that he can act as well as wrestle (Team Hell No). If played right, we can see some real character development and compelling tv. Creative did something similar with Big Show, and it worked very well. They could go with the “in order to break the glass ceiling that’s keeping me down, I have to destroy everything. HHH wants ruthless aggression, I’ll make him tap out on those words.”

Speaking of tapping out, Bryan is a legit submission wrestler, having trained with Randy Couture’s stable. I’d like to see him bust out some of his particularly nasty holds, like Cattle Mutilation or the Muta Lock. They work in tag team wrestling, because there’s always someone there to break the hold. Seeing Bryan make someone scream would be very satisfying.

Regardless, the last Raw of the year, where Bryan turned after 40 minutes to 5 star wrestling,
was the best show of the year. Let’s see where they go from here.

RIP Paul Bearer

WWE.com has reported that Bill Moody, also known as Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle, has passed away.

Some of you are aware that I am a huge pro wrestling fan and have been since the days of Hulkamania.  I love wrestling.  I find it very entertaining.  But this is not the place for me to defend my love of wrestling.  I don’t feel that I should have to, anyway

Paul Bearer was the manager for three of my favorite wrestlers (at different times): The Undertaker, Kane, and Mankind (Mick Foley, to whom her gave his infamous “I don’t wanna suck it, Uncle Paul” rant).  He was famous for his creepy, ghostly falsetto, which was the perfect counterpoint to the Undertaker’s growl and rasp.

From what I’ve heard, he has been ill for some time.  At one point he was up to 525 pounds.  He had a gastric bypass, and lost a lot of weight, but he was still near 300.

He hasn’t appeared much on WWE in the past few years.  I think his last appearance was last year, where Kane left him tied up in a freezer (I never said that wrestling wasn’t silly).

And so I raise an urn in toast to the man whose voice creeped me out, Paul Bearer.  May you forever cut promos in Heaven.

Paul Bearer with the Undertaker, back when Taker had hair